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What's New and Different

Some things are the same or similar to regular 1099 forms, such as 1099-Misc:

Recipient Copies are due to be postmarked on January 31, 2017.
IRS Paper copies are due to be postmarked on February 28, 2017.
IRS e-Filing is due March 31, 2017.

However there are many new things to consider when filing 1095 Forms and their
Transmittals for Tax Year 2016 in early Calendar Year 2017.

Summary of Differences:


With normal 1099 forms, there are multiple copies. These include Copy A for the IRS, Copy B for the recipient, Copy 2 for the states, etc. Also you can not send a black and white Copy A 1099 Form to the IRS. You must order the pre-manufactured, pre-printed, red-lined, scanner-ready Copy A paper forms from a forms supplier. You can not create these forms on a laser printer, even a color laser printer. They must be approved from a vendor for these 1099 Copy A forms to be accepted by the IRS. Any other form will result in a penalty.
With 1095 forms and their transmittals, there ARE NO "Copy A, Copy B". All forms are the SAME. You can send laser created black and white 1095-Forms to the IRS on paper before the February 28th deadline, if the black and white forms are approved, per publication 5223 concerning substitute 1095 forms. WE HAVE THIS IRS APPROVAL FOR MAILING BLACK AND WHITE FORMS. The 1094 Transmittal with totals must be on top of the stack of 1095 forms.

Of course, you may not file on paper if you have more that 250 of any 1099 or 1095 of the same type from the same filer.


- 1099 Forms use the FIRE site to upload "text" .txt files, 1095 Forms do not.

-1095 Forms DO NOT USE THE FIRE SITE. Instead, 1095 Forms are filed at the AIR site (ACA Information Returns Filing Site).

- All 1095 Form software does not send "text" (.txt) files to the IRS. Instead 1095 software must create and send Extensible Mark Up Language files (.xml) files, the "Modernized" method of e-Filing. Two files are required: The Manifest .xml File and the Payload .xml file containing the 1095 forms and transmittals.

- Eventually the IRS FIRE site will be closed.

- To e-File yourself, you will need to join the IRS e-Services for tax professionals. This process takes time,
requires personal tax returns, time, and many other steps. Here is the Link.

- To e-File yourself, you will need to obtain a new and different TCC or Transmitter Control Code. Your
TCC will be approved for "testing" only. It will be changed to production when you successfully e-File several types of "TEST FILES".

- HOWEVER, the 1099 Express Secure Service Bureau will be able to e-Filer your 1095 forms for you for the same
price as 1099 files. See www.1099Express.com/Prices.asp

Here are some important links to learn more:

Below is the Link showing how to Subscribe to e-Services if you wish to e-File 1095 Forms to the IRS yourself.

Below is the Main AIR Link:

Below is the link for the everything about e-Filing 1095 Forms.

Below is the Link about ACAA Testing: