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Mailing Black and White 1094 and 1095 forms to the IRS

For Tax Year 2017

Approved e-Mail Dated December 4, 2017 for Tax Year 2017

For Tax Year 2016

Signed Approval from IRS for 2016

Approval e-Mail Dated December 2, 2016 for Tax Year 2016

For Tax Year 2015

1099 Express and our 1095 Express software are APPROVED BY THE IRS for mailing Black and White laser created and automatically filled-in 1094-1095 forms to the IRS. The deadline is February 29, 2016. It may be possible to get an extension to this deadline, if you apply before February 29th, 2016. It is not necessary or possible to order the red-lined, pre-manufactured, "scanner-ready" Copy A 1094-1095 forms. These do not exist for 1094-1095 forms.

Click here for our Signed Approval from the IRS.

Click here for the e-Mails conversations with the IRS for this Approval.

Click here for IRS Publication 5223 which allows Black and White Substitutes to be submitted to the IRS.

Always remember, YOU MUST E-FILE to the IRS if there are more than 250 forms, or your have missed the February 29th, 2014 hard deadline.

You may use our Secure Service Bureau to e-File to the IRS if you do not have an AIR TCC.

To e-File yourself free with 1095 Express: How to get an AIR TCC

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e-File Testing: ACA Assurance Testing

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