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After e-Filing your 1095 Forms

After e-Filing your 1095 forms electronically to the IRS, the IRS takes several days to issues the "Status" report.

The penalty for failure to provide a correct 1095 is $250 per form, the total not to exceed $3,000,000. Ref: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i109495c.pdf Page 5.

You should see our FEES since extra processing may apply.

There are 3 possible Status Reports:
For all Status we will:

1. Send "e-Mail2" with instructions, and attachments.
2. Attach your Tracking Report, containing your your STATUS if available and your Receipt ID (the IRS confirmation, with date and time). Obviously you must not loose this confirmation. You might need it, if the IRS issues a penalty. Please print it.

For Status 3 (Accepted with Errors) we will also: Suggestions for Tin Validation Errors:

For Form 1095-B: You may file a correction with a DOB instead of a TIN (in Part I "Responsible Individual" and Part IV "Covered Individuals". Depending on your situation and available data, the DOB option may be quicker and easier than the Tin-Match method.

For form 1095-C: You may file a correction with a DOB instead of a TIN (in Part III "Covered Individuals" only. Depending on your situation and available data, the DOB option may be quicker and easier than the Tin-Match method. You must have the correct Name and Tax ID in Part I "Employee".

If you ask us to perform a Bulk Tin-Name process, we will perform it only on the forms the IRS flagged as errors. This is an automated process and will save you a great deal of time and trouble, since you don't have to construct this data. This process also includes a Solicitation Mail Merge Spreadsheet. This allows you to "Solicit" under publication 1586 to establish "Reasonable" cause against IRS penalties for Tin Validation errors. We can perform the SOLICITATION AGAINST PENALTIES FOR YOU FOR A FEE. See ACA Fees.  If you are not familiar with this process see www.1099Express.com/Tin-Match.asp

ACA Processing Fees: FEES.asp

More from IRS

Official IRS Video about Corrections           IRS Viedo in new window

Official IRS Webinar on June 14, 2016 about Corrections      IRS Webinar in new window

This IRS Webinar, answers many questions about 1095 Filings to the IRS:

Page 29: Good Faith: You MUST do CORRECTIONS, or penalties will be ENFORCED.

Page 10: Para No. 1 IRS ADMITS on Tin failure, they tell you only what 1095 Form. NOT WHO ON THE FORM HAS THE ERROR.

Page 28: Para 1: Corrections can be filed after the due date.

Page 30: The IRS talks about how to get out of penalties for Tin-Name match errors, and establish "Reasonable Cause" under Pub 1586.

1095 Express has created a new Tin-Match system for 1095 Forms at no extra cost. This system WILL TELL YOU WHO ON THE FORM HAS THE ERROR. So you can fix it or "Solicit" to get out of the penalty, using "Reasonable Cause". We even create a "Solicit" Mail-Merge for you at no extra cost for this purpose.

Page 34: IRS explains "Reasonable Cause Waiver".

Page 35: IRS explains more about filing corrections after June.

Page 38: More from IRS about when corrections are due.

Page 45: Question 12: The IRS explains that if you file something, anything, during JUNE 2016, and it is REJECTED in June you have, in effect, a 60 day extension to fix it.


Form 1094-B For Insurance Companies
Form 1095-B For Insurance Companies
Form 1094-C for Employers
Form 1095-C for Employers


Instructions for Forms 1094-B and 1095-B Insurance Companies
Instructions for Forms 1094-C and 1095-C Businesses